Friday, February 27, 2009

"True Love"

This is one of my first projects of this style, which is super easy to do and lots of fun, if you don't mind spending hours finding the right words in magazines. "True Love" is for sale, $20 (9"x7"), or best offer. This is also the first piece I've used puzzle pieces on, and they're also lots of fun to use.

About Me

I'm an art education major at MTSU, 19 years old. For now I just do whatever the school tells me too, but my passion is in altered art, collage and mixed media. My style is constantly developing. Whenever I'm not doing art, I like to play video games (dork, I know), play outside and have fun with my buddies. I am with the absolute best little boy in the world, for almost two years now. I love him.